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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  March 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now, no apologies in the courtroom from the gunman who shot a suffolk county police officer as a judge slapped him with a lengthy prison sentence. >> it was just over one year ago when the gang member opened fire on the officer, hitting him in the neck. today a judge sentenced him to 55 years to life behind bars. >> reporter: this is the suffolk county driveway where sheldon shot officeremark collins twice after a foot pursuit. today a judge threw the book at him. >> an attack on the police is an attack on all of us. >> reporter: in a courtroom packed with police, sheldon offered these words to officer collins collins. >> my regards goes out to officer collins and his family situation.
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hand now. >> reporter: outside court, officer collins had no words for the man who nearly killed him. collins focused on how his life has changed since the shooting. >> i have a whole different outlook on life. i'm happy to be here. >> reporter: the veteran officer is back on the job and he told me this is where he plans on staying. >> i always wanted to be a polihe officer and i wanted to get back to work as soon as i could. >> reporter: while law enforcement is praising the judge's sentence. >> i hope and i trust that he spends every single day of the remade inder of his natural life in jail. >> reporter: the wife says police got the wrong guy and explained this statement made by her husband in court. >> i lost the battle before i evyen fought it in this situation. >> it doesn't matter.
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they're going to find him guilty. >> reporter: the wife is vowing the decision will be appealed.rshe says her husband will be released. breaking news from washengton, d.c. a man accused of bringing a weapon into t capital visitor's center is in surgery at this hour after being shot. sources identify the suspect as 67-year-old tennessee man named larry dawson. an officer shot him this afternoon after he tried to get past the metal detector in the visitor's center. the capital police chief held a news conference shortly before 5:00. >> during routine administrative screening the individual drew a weapon and pointed it at officers. an officer fired and struck the suspect. >> police say a woman was also
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the police were aware of dawson because he disrupted a congressional hearing late last year. and there was actually a warrant out for his arrest. the capital police chief says today's incident was a criminal act, not an act of terrorism. we'll continue to monitor this breaking news throughout the evening. in elizabeth tonight police have identified a woman found dead at a public housing complex. according to investigators she waars strangled. crime stoppers is offering $10,000 for information. a new jersey hospital is joining the fight against prescription drug abuse fuelling the heroin crisis. government officials and doctors gathered today in patterson to unveil a new program called alternatives to opiates. the goal is to treat patients without the use of opiate medications before turning to
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>> while many opioid prescriptions are prescribed to deal with pain, the impact of the drugs leads to dependency and addiction. we know that four out of five heroin users started out using prescription opioid painkillers. >> the hospital began using the alternative protocols in january. 73 72% of patients who have gone through the program did not need opioids. a former honduran president faces up to 40 years in prison for conspiracy. he's also agreed to forfeit $650,000. he was the president of honduras in the '90s. the supreme court has declined an appeal from the
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convicted on a number of corruption charges back in 2011 including making deals for the senate seat once held by esident obama. tonight the brooklyn postal worker caught on camera being cuffed by under cover officers is speaking out. he has allegedly voiced his anger. that's when officers confronted him and hauled him away to the police station where he was issued a summons. gray says he does not want those officers to lose their jobs because they may have a family to support. a board of regents panel has reached a preliminary approval of a tuition hike at 17 schools in connecticut state colleges and university system next year. the proposal would see a 5% hike, boosting tuition.
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would go up 3.5%. the board of regents will vote on the hike tomorrow. a man jumps onto the subway tracks as a train pulls nto a station. >> up next the reason why. >> reporter: a robber preying on seniors strikes again. coming up, hear from his latest victim. and we had a soggy morning, but boy do we have winds that are going to be howling all night and into tomorrow. that's the big weather story. we're going to tell you all about that comin up. and lester holt. we're learning more about the man at the center of a security scare at the u.s. capital this afternoon and why police opened fire. we'll talk about how the tribeca film festival has become the latest f sh point in the safety
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call now. ask about free installation and access to nearly 500,000 wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. listen to this. a big scare in a subway on the upper east side this morning. a man hopped off the downtown platform and began walking across the tracks as a train barrels into the station. exclusive video shows a man climbing up onto the platform around 8:45 this morning as hundreds of stunned commuters watched in horror.
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had to stop short so i t didn't hit the man. a witness says he seemed unfazed by it all. in albany tonight, aids activists are demanding more money to fight the epidemic. they rallied in the capital calling for $70 million in additional funding. the cuomo administration says the proposed budget already includes $2.5 billion for aids related programs. the activists say that's not enhaough to achieve the goal of ending the epidemic by 2020. there is a legal battle over a controversial new law in north carolina which critics say eliminates anti-discrimination protections from gay, lesbian and transgendered people. >> reporter: anger and frustration is boyling e ing boiling over in parts of the south right now. opponents filed a federal
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challenging a new law they say blocks cities and counties from creating anti-discrimination protections covering sexual orientation and gender identity and that requires transgender people to use bathrooms assigned to their biological sex. >> it's a message to us from the legislature and the governor that we are not welcome here. >> reporter: north carolina governor is defending the measure. >> this bill changes absolutely no discrimination rights in any city in north carolina or for any corporation in north carolina. >> reporter: that defense as georgia governor announces he will veto a so-called religious freedom measure in the state. >> i do not think we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith based community in georgia. >> reporter: this comes after
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leagues and corporations including comcast and nbc universal. pro opponents mayor de blasio is weighing in on the controversial laws, saying just about an hour and a half ache go all nonessential travel to north carolina is banned for city workers. who's reading your e-mails? coming up details of a major privacy loophole. plus, a womanraccused of stiffing a cab driver on a $600 fare for a trip home from the city.
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a woman skipped out on a $600 taxi bill. kelly boyar made the 148 mile trip to her home in pennsylvania on sunday. she allegedly told the driver she would be back in a few minutes to pay for the ride. the driver called police when she did not return. police charged boyar with theft of services. the most recent numbers in the cdc show the flu is decreasing flight decrease ing slightly. new york city is seeing moderate flu activity. and connecticut probably has the lowest incidence of the flu right now. >> no fun.
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so many peoplr getting sick in the area. an. d now we can't seem to move consistently to that warmer weather. let's see what we can do in the seven day forecast. it's the winds which are going to be the big problem during the next 24 hours. if you're looking for a break, wednesday you got it. it's going to be gorgeous. then we wind up back in stormy weather. storm tracker shows we have one more batch of shower activity trying to push its way east. no major winds right now from the city to the east look out west, 44 miles per hour gusts in morris town. 37 miles per hour gusts iv trenton. winds really going to pick up over the next 24 hours. 40 minute delays at newark. just about an hour at la ueguardia. an hour 20 at jfk. this is just the beginning. tomorrow it's going to be a mess
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winds and strong winds gusting upwards of 50 miles per hour. 60 in the city. we got to our forecast high today. 56 in poe sip see. ughkeepsie poughkeepsie. 48 in montauk. look at the cooler temperatures back by detroit and columbus. we'r going to inherit that along with those winds. it's going to make it feel much colder through the overnight and into tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning when you wake up, it is go ng to feel like it's in the 30s and 20s. we're going to top off tomorrow at 54. sun, clouds and again look at those numbers. a very windy day. these are dangerous wind. make sure everything on the porch is tied up, check your balconies. these strong winds are going to make their presence known. gorgeous day on wednesday, close to 60 degrees. look at that, winter tries to hang on.
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degrees below average as we head into sunday, monday, tuesday. it's going to be a tough go with forecast highs in the 40s when our average should be about 54. tomorrow 54, doesn't feel like it. it is going to feel muchcooler. 57 and beautiful on wednesday. and shower activity for the end of the week and a cool weekend ah00ead. tonight there are renewed calls for the city to regulate its pedestrian plazas. the goal is to stop unwanted solisation and solisitation. >> we are not saying that all .the people who dress in costume
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behave this way. >> a public hearing on the bill is planned for wednesday. a new federal law requiring calorie counts on menus has been delayed once again. the u.s. food and drug administration says it is postponing that requirement until next year at the earliest. the new rule would apply to restaurants and other establishments that sell, prepare food and have other locations. the city already has its own calorie count requirement on the books. there was a huge e-mail privacy loophole affecting most of us that some in congress are hoping to close this year. right now the police can look at any e-mail that's over six months old and never tell you about it. the lawlaw governing e-mail dates back to 1986. >> i think we need to go beyond
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protections for e-mail users and consumers. five states already require a warrant in most cases. nine more are considering laws of their own including new york and new jersey. >> keeping track of how much you drive is important whether it's for your own records or business to claim a tax deduction. better get baquero for some handy apps to help log those miles. >> mile iq allows us to distinguish if trips are personal or business with one swipe. probably the coolest feature is the ability to instantly see how much you've racked new tax ductibles. the app is free for your first 40 drives of the month and $5.99 a month if you go over that. milebug uses your phone's gps to track and map your drives.
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drives as business or another purpose. it makes it easy to e-mail reports to you or your boss for easy recordkeeping of milage. track my drive is a robust milage ap that p that automatically detects all of the drives that you make. or you can enter them manually and save info from your trip. the ios app is free for the first ten trips of the month or you can pay $8.99 for a year's worth of unlimited trips. and to get in touch with our consumer investigative team send an e-mail to better get baquero or call us. remember remember, from now on everyone who reaches out will get a response. up next, senior citizens
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still ahead we hear from this 83-year-old woman still shaken after becoming his latest victim. and a family's claims that the nypd refused to take a report from the victim of a gunpoint robbery because the officer said it happened outside
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. well, take a good look at this man.
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robber terrorizing senior citizens in queens and brooklyn, flashing a gun and even beating so of his victims in his crime spree going all the way back to january. >> he gave an 83-year-old woman two black eyes. >> it hurts. >> reporter: her face, swollen and bruised. the 83-year-old pistol whipped by a stranger who followed her to her kensington apartment on saturday. >> i guess i just got socked. much. >> reporter: police have released this video surveillance of the man they believe is responsible, a 250 pound serial robber preying on elderly woeen. >> i mean, if he's that big and strong, he could have killed her. >> reporter: surveillance cameras have repeatedly captured the robber but apparently it hasn't stopped him. attacks.
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home, attacks her or anyone nearby sometimes using a gun or a knife to cut the victim's face. >> that's really awful. only a coward would do something like that. reporter: she says she thinks her two chihuahuas scared off the intruder. she says she still needs to go out and walk her dogs but says she'll be much more careful. police are asking anyone who may recognize the man from the video to give them a call at crime stoppers. that will do it for this half hour. thanks for watching. >> stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. a foreign exchange student robbed at gunpoint. why his host family says the
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to report the crime. plus 4 investigates why did it take three days to find a missing holocaust survivor from manhattan? disturbing the easter mass at st. patrick's cathedral. what the culprits wanted and what happened to them today. we begin with an exclusive interview with a queens family who says their exchange student was robbed at gunpoint and police would not take their report. >> news 4 investigates the problem and gets a different version of the story from the police. >> reporter: this is where it happened, the 16-year-old exchange student had just gotten out of the subway here at grand ae. avenue on his way back from the movies in manhattan. on his way to the bus stop he says someone followed him from the train, pulled a gun on him. what's worse, says the host family, the police didn't seem
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he had just gotten off the r train in queens. 16-year-old exchange student known to friends as summer. he was walking to the q-58 bus. >> he felt somebody was following him outside of the train station. somebody pulled a gun and stuck it to his chest and told him to give them money. >> reporter: he told 4 investigates after he handed over the cash he made it home, distraught. >> you called 911? >> reporter: after calling in the robbery a marked police car arrived 30 minutes later. he says the officers explained they had been dispatched from the wrong precinct and couldn't help. they didn't take a report? >> no. >> i think it's outrageous that the police treated it as a victimless crime. >> reporter: police officials


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